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Ranked as one of the most selling cars year-on-year in America, Ford Taurus was originally introduced in 1986. Remained in production for more than two decades, it is the 4th oldest nameplate that is being sold in North America lineup of Ford. A mid-size car until 2007, Ford Taurus was transformed into a full-size car in 2008. Currently in its sixth generation, Ford Taurus has witnessed significant changes in exterior design, interiors and technology. Taurus was considered to be a milestone design for Ford Motor Company, and has brought several innovations in cars from other makers in this segment. Comfort and performance oriented sedan, its stylish design is distinctive and makes an impression.

New Generation Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus entered its sixth generation in 2010, and it received a major facelift for the model introduced in 2013. Along with an updated front and rear fascia, this model came with new Ford Accessories options too. The facelift also focused on improving drivability of the vehicle so upgrades were also made to braking and steering systems. These last generation models also come with clear, colorful and digital instrument dials. Ford Taurus 2015 is expected to hit the markets by the end of the year, and this latest model has kept up the promise of quality and craftsmanship seen in Ford vehicles. The 2015 Taurus is an exemplary example of how Ford combines traditional values in a modern day package. This model has bold exteriors styling with vivid contours and modern fascia. Centered around passenger comfort, the 2015 Ford Taurus has a advanced look, feel and sound. Presence of high power engine and Ford Taurus Parts options ensures affordability and performance, while classic interiors ensure sophistication. Available in different trim levels – SE, SEL, Limited and SHO, SE is the base model while SHO is the sporty one. With its massive trunk and interiors space, this is the perfect sedan for a family.

Ford Taurus Parts

Being a family size sedan car, usability of Ford Taurus is high. So, it is not surprising to come across minor or major problems with the vehicle. Probability of problems is higher with older models belonging to earlier generation. No matter which model of Ford Taurus you own, you need to ensure regular maintenance and quality repairs of the vehicle using Original Ford Parts. Sometimes, repairs may involve changing of worn-out or not working older spare parts. In such cases, you should ensure that only Genuine Ford Taurus Parts are used for replacement. Though aftermarket parts may seem appealing due to their lower cost, it is not good for the life span of your vehicle. Those parts not only hamper performance, but may also result in serious problems later on. From a minor detail like leak in engine oil to replacement of AC compressors, any part of your Ford Taurus may need replacement across its life. Always opt for quality service centers and cross check if they have used Genuine Ford Parts for your vehicle.

Ford Taurus Parts

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